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Gas condensing boiler
The Bosch Greenstar gas condensing boiler is compact and highly-efficient, boasting 95% AFUE efficiency, the company says. Available in heating-only and combi-versions, the Greenstar boiler comes in wall-hung and floor-standing models to fit the needs of any application. The unit is insulated for ultra-quiet operation and features a fully-modulating fan to maximize efficiency, as well as an advanced Aluminum-Silicon alloy heat exchanger for increased flexibility. The Bosch Greenstar is built to last and requires minimal servicing, Bosch adds.
Floor standing boiler
Bradford White Water Heaters Brute FT floor standing boilers feature a stainless steel fire-tube heat exchanger and multiple venting options, low-pressure drop design with a sealed combustion chamber and pre-mix ceramic fiber burner. Modulating gas valves allow up to 10:1 turndown and ensure top performance and efficiency. The low NOx system exceeds the most stringent regulations for air quality. Noise-reduction features include onboard, three-speed pump to fine tune flow velocity.
Floor mount combi-boiler
The NOBLE floor mount fire tube combi-boiler brings to market a brand new floor mount boiler option for homeowners and multi-family facilities with models ranging from 110,000 to 199,000 Btu/h. Homeowners can be assured that their home’s domestic hot water demand will be met with ease and in a timely manner thanks to the NOBLE Floor Mount’s 10:1 turndown ratio and incredible thermal efficiency rate of 95%.


Commercial fire-tube boiler
Navien NFB-C commercial condensing fire tube boilers have all key components designed and manufactured in-house, and offer a 97.5% thermal efficiency, 15:1 turndown ratio, intuitive 7” color touch screen with advanced controls and easy intuitive navigation for setup, troubleshooting and operation, extremely low NOx levels, BMS communications, and 3” venting up to 60’ or 4” up to 150’ with PVC/CPVC/PP/SS approved materials, the company says.
Wall-hung commercial boiler
The new high-efficiency RCB-Series wall-hung commercial condensing boiler delivers reliable, energy-saving performance, the company says. The RCB-Series features a stainless-steel water tube heat exchanger and 97% thermal efficiency to maximize productivity within a compact design. The superior premix burner performance reduces greenhouse gas emissions and increases turndown ratio — set at 10:1 for precise load tracking and energy savings. The RCB-Series is easy to program, access and monitor performance data onsite or with new connectivity features. Multiple boiler configurations can be accommodated with the Integrated Cascade Logic — which distributes runtimes equally for optimal application diversity.
Water-tube boiler
The AMP-L condensing boiler and water heater is available in five sizes: 400, 500, 650, 800 and 1000 MBH. AHRI-certified and rated at 97% and 98% thermal efficiency respectively, the AMP-L is available in either a natural gas or propane configuration. Standard AMP-L models save time and simplify planning. Included at no additional cost are the low water cutoff and high and low gas pressure switch making the AMP-L CSD-1 compliant. Also equipped standard with a strength-adding 3-in-1 vent connector which allows for the use of polypropylene, CPVC or stainless steel venting. AMP-L is capable of up to 200 equivalent feet of vent in AL29-4C, polypropylene or CPVC.
Condensing boiler
The high efficiency Alta and Alta Combi boilers feature next-generation gas adaptive technology that provides the shortest installation time and lowest operating costs, the company says. The boiler’s control system provides continuous, automatic self-calibration of burner combustion by adapting to component wear, variations in fuel, environment, and vent air pressure. Heat-only boilers are available in 120, 150 and 180 MBH models, and combi-boilers are available at 136 and 200 MBH. The Alta also includes sensor-less reset technology, which performs the functions of conventional outdoor reset without the need to install an outdoor sensor.
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Commercial boiler
The Weil-McLain SVF boiler line has expanded to include BTU sizes of 500, 600, 725, 850 and 1000 MBH models. Developed with contractors in mind, the boiler family features best-in-class corrosion resistance, intuitive, user-friendly controls for advanced diagnostics, troubleshooting and remote monitoring capabilities, and up to 98% thermal efficiency, the company says. The SVF line is ideal for new, hybrid and replacement applications in schools, colleges and other educational facilities, municipal buildings, multi-family, healthcare, churches and more.