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Double-stacked dry cooler
EVAPCO’s eco-Air Series of dry and adiabatic coolers include flat, V-style and double stack dry coolers available with optional spray or adiabatic pad pre-cooling systems. With coil sections stacked vertically, eco-Air double stack coolers are designed for applications with very large cooling requirements and reduced footprint. The product line now offers custom ECM fan assemblies on double-stack units through a collaboration with Multi-Wing. The equipment offers high electrical efficiency, high airflow, integrated control package for fan speed control and BAS communications. eco-Air also offers a newly-updated control package with larger touchscreen and proprietary EVAPCO control sequence and further reduction in water usage for their adiabatic systems.
Top-fill WashBar
The new Top-Fill Multi-feed Soap System is available with all Bradley WashBar handwashing models. The top fill soap system features a large capacity 1.3-gallon (5.0 L) tank that can supply soap to up to three WashBars at once. Perfect for medium- to high-traffic commercial applications with multiple handwashing stations, the top-fill multi-feed soap system boosts maintenance and efficiency in a number of ways. A single, easy-to-access top-fill hub allows staff to refill multiple soap reservoirs all at one time. For added flexibility, the system accommodates either foam or liquid universal soap. A smart sense system with LED indicator on the fill port illuminates to indicate when the tank begins to run low on soap or battery power, taking the guesswork out of maintenance, the company explains.
Hybrid water heater
Merging the benefits of storage in a standard tank water heater with the efficiency of tankless into one powerful unit, the new Hybrid Hot Series provides a continuous hot water supply and quick hot-water recovery with a 10-year warranty. The Hybrid Hot mounts the Noritz NCC199CDV commercial condensing tankless water heater onto a 119-gallon storage tank. The tankless unit draws cold water from the side port of the attached tank. The combination of tank and tankless offers flexibility for indoor commercial applications, such as restaurants and hotels, that require a large dump load of hot water over a short period of time without the use of multiple tankless water heaters. The hybrid unit has a 317 gph delivery rate and is equivalent to two tankless water heaters.
Series 90 butterfly valves
Mueller Steam Specialty, a Watts brand, introduced the Series 90 butterfly valve, designed for commercial and industrial applications working with pipes from 2" to 40" and meeting high-performance specifications, especially for data centers, hospitals and educational institutions. The Series 90 high-performance butterfly valves are ideal for water supply applications in hydronic cooling and fire protection systems. The Series 90 complies with API 609 and MSS-SP-68 standards and is bubble-tight at 290 psi differential, enabling it to work with larger pipes up to 40" in diameter. Series 90 also boasts a double offset RPTFE seat designed for 500° F and a carbon steel body, also with a stainless-steel stem and disc. All sizes for Series 90 are rated for Class 150.