Fire hydrant
Tapping valve
The new 225TV Tapping Valve is available in sizes 4"-12". This resilient wedge valve, with a 250 psi-rated water working pressure, has interior and exterior fusion bonded epoxy coating to AWWA C550 standards. Tapping valves are used for "hot tapping" potable water lines. Without needing to turn off water service to customers, using this tapping valve and the proper machine, a tapping valve can be mounted to an existing "live" water main. An additional water main can attach to this tapping valve and branch off the existing main, bringing potable water to a new and different location.
3-port manifold
The FlowGuard MultiPort is a 1” x 1/2” 3-port manifold that can be placed on a main or hot water recirculating line. The flowthrough outlet accommodates either a 1” spigot or 3/4” socket connection, while 1/2” spigot ports allow for a wide array of configurations with superior pressure drop performance.
Push-in tube fittings
Bee Valve Push-in fittings feature FDA/NSF compliance, are quick and easy to use and re-use, and are resistant to inorganic chemicals, oils, fats and synthetic detergents, the company says. The acetal copolymer fittings with nitrile rubber 0-rings can be used with polyethylene, polyurethane, polypropylene and nylon tube. Applications include water conditioning, dispensing equipment, agricultural, industrial and vacuum systems.


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Ductile iron fitting
The new LOKX System Ductile Iron Fitting from GF Piping Systems features an internal self-restraining gasket that eliminates pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting separation, even at high pressures. The push-on style fitting eliminates the need for any bolts or assembly tools, saving up to 80% in installation time and labor costs, the company says.
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Thermostatic recirculation valve
The re-SOLVER is a high performance, self-acting, adjustable thermostatic recirculation valve that automatically and continuously controls water flow on an individual loop. This multiple-setting valve has an integrated wax sensor that senses the temperature of water passing through the valve and shuts off flow when the set temperature is achieved.
Grooved-end butterfly valves
For installation into grooved piping systems, get hip to Milwaukee Valve’s grooved-end butterfly valve line — a fab addition to its existing high-performance and resilient-seated butterfly valve family, the company says. Grooved valve ends make installation faster, omit hot work permits and supplies, allow wet and dry access, and accommodate system expansion/contraction.
Dedicated coupling
The HYMAX Pro Dedicated Size Coupling, also known as flexible couplings, is engineered for new construction projects to provide an easy and safe means of joining same-size plain end pipes without the need for welding and/or special pipe fittings. Applicable to the water and wastewater, irrigation and industrial markets, the HYMAX Pro dedicated size couplings are available from sizes 4” to 24”. All couplings from this HYMAX Pro line, conform to the AWWA C219, NSF 61, and NSF 372 standards for drinking water system components.
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Ball valve
The NIBCO 585HP, designed for commercial and industrial applications, allows for easier installation, adjustability and long service life, the company says. It’s the only two-piece full-port bronze ball valve with a 1,000 CWP and 150 SWP pressure and features a reversible handle, triple-sealed stem, large accessible packing nut and a patented laser-welded construction, NIBCO adds.
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