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Ball valves
Anvil & Smith-Cooper International’s new Sharpe Series FSC70/74 flanged and FSC80/89 three-piece ball valves are fire-safe versions of the field-proven Series C70/74 and C80/89 cryogenic valves, the company notes. Qualified by severe temperature and performance testing, FSC70/74 and FSC80/FSC89 valves are designed to deliver superior performance in applications, such as LNG, that require compliance with American Petroleum Institute fire test standard 607.
Hidden aerators
Caché hidden aerators eliminate the need for conventional metal housings by threading directly into the faucet spout, rendering it invisible. Vandal resistant by design (a special key is required for installation and removal), Caché models are available in four different sizes and two custom models.
Tank pumps
RectorSeal’s Aspen Pumps M4R series and RTP series of condensate tank pumps represents the HVAC industry’s most flexible, diverse and compact tank pump product lines for the North American unitary air conditioning, furnace and dehumidifier condensate markets, RectorSeal states. The product line offers tank pumps for most residential and commercial applications, ranging from entry- level value to feature-rich, premium models, all with water-level float mechanisms, thermal overload protection and safety cutoff switches that inactivate the system to protect property-damaging condensate overflow.
Inactivate airborne pathogens
The DLX-N high-output, dual-lamp ultraviolet NEMA-4 fixture from UV Resources efficiently disinfects HVAC/R airstreams, cooling coils and drain pans, halting infectious diseases such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus. UV lamps are inserted inside the duct “spear-style” through two 3/4" holes, while the fixture is installed and serviced from an exterior supply, return or exhaust plenums or ducts.
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Supply valves
Matco-Norca adds chrome-plated, quarter-turn press supply stop valves in both angle and straight configurations to its extensive valves inventory. The four new lead-free quarter-turn valve offerings include two 1/2” press x 3/8” OD compression valves (26-1003PLF angle and 26-1004PLF straight) and a pair of 1/2" x 1/4" OD compression valves (26-1015PLF angle and 26-1016PLF straight).
Touchless wash bar
Bradley Corp.’s completely touchless all-in-one Next Generation WashBar delivers advanced touchless clean-rinse-dry technology along with an ultra-modern, edgier profile that improves hygiene and elevates the look of today’s commercial washrooms, the company notes. The Next Generation model features a thin, L-shaped design that gives the feel the all-in-one fixture is floating above the sink. With only one connection point to the sink, the design provides more open space for easier cleaning, while providing a striking design element, Bradley explains.
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